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LAB Health Annual Review 2021 has now been published and can be found at

LAB Health is one of the strategic focus areas of LAB University of Applied Sciences, directing both the research, development and innovation activities as well as education. The key themes of research and development in LAB Health include 1) well-being from physical activity and the living environment; 2) social inclusion and safety in everyday life; 3) health promotion and smart self-care, and 4) efficient service chains. Each of these themes approaches the issues of health and well-being from a different angle, but they all aim to generate different service innovations that promote health and well-being in cooperation with various stakeholders.

In part two there are three articles on the field of Migration:

Tarja Vahtokari, Tuula Hämäläinen
International talents for the needs of working life (146)

Maija Eerola, Tiia Kangassalo, Mia Kröneck, Virve Pirttikoski
The “My Home in Finland” operating model promotes integration by supporting women’s inclusion and mental well being (180)

Marja Kiijärvi-Pihkala, Marja Ahola, Olga Kaartinen, Marina Shchipova
Towards Working Life – Building the Human Capital of Immigrants with Mentoring and Workplace Counselling (208)

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